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Q8e Coin Limited kuwait

Who Are We?

Q8eMine run by a Kuwaiti company with a registered commercial license (License No. 2019/170/M ) We are offering Worldwide Fin-Tech Solutions Hosted & Run By Kuwait. Accomodating the new generation of Digital commerce & Intelligent Technology.

Our offices are located in Kuwait and our mining farms are located globally. Our partners in this fast-growing Fin-Tech industry makes us not only the best but the only company offering Cloud Mining Contracts in Kuwait.

Start Mining Instantly

Sign up now and start mining to your wallet instantly by earning profits from your mining contract.

  You can Boost your mining power and increase your profits by a touch of a button.   Mine as many coins as you like instantly without going through all the trouble of Rig Purchase, Shipping, Setup Costs, Maintenance, Heating, Noise, etc.

Cloud Mining Contracts

You can start mining to your wallet instantly.

Simply Register – Buy contract suitable to your needs – Start minting Profits
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Buy / Sell Miners

You can always choose to mine yourselves. We sell various rigs already setup for you to plug and play.

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Do you have a Miner or a Rig? But don’t want to go through the hassle of setting  up and maintenance. Your worries end here.

Host your machines / Rigs at our facility hassle-free while monitoring your rigs from anywhere in the world.
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Cloud Mining Contracts

Its super Simple – Your Mining Rigs are setup and running.
You can start earning your first coins from our digital cloud mining service as soon as you’ve set up your membership.


Most popular

  KD 55

  • 1,000 Gh/s
  • 4% Exchange fee to KWD
  • 5 Years
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Most popular

KD 248

  • 5,000 Gh/s
  • 3% Exchange fee to KWD
  • 5 Years
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KD 1,149

  • 25,000 Gh/s
  • 2% Exchange fee for KWD
  • 5 Years
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Most popular

KD ****

  • Customize your Gh/s
  • 1% if more than KD 1,500
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Payment Methods

These are the following payment methods that you can use to make your order.

KNET Payment

After creating your account and filling in your details. Make your order and you will receive a payment link sent to you by SMS, Email and Whatsapp. Once your payment is complete your mining contract will start.

Online Bank Transfer

Make an online bank transfer to our Kuwaiti account and you will start mining as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Please send your proof of payment with your order number to

We Accept Digital 

Pay for your order using digital currencies. You will start mining as soon as your payment reflects in our account.

A few things we’re great at

At Q8eMine we use one of the latest technology delivering high performance and energy efficient ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Chip) This delivering 94 J/Th (+-5%)

Instant Mining

Mining starts instantly to your wallet after confirming the payment. Payouts to the wallet will be every 24 hours.

Dashboard View

View all mining related information in real-time, at any point from any location like a Pro. (Coming Soon)

Hassle free Mining

No longer it is required to buy expensive equipment and waste your time on setting it up. imply select the desired power and generate revenue.

Exchange for cash

With our membership we offer an immediate exchange to cash for your mined digital assets. You can get cash sent to your bank account.

Fixed Fee

No hidden fees or comissions. Every single transaction transparent.